Sunday Night Safran – Radio interview, 5 August 2012

I recently had the great pleasure of appearing on the Sunday Night Safran program on Sunday 5 August 2012, which is broadcast on Triple J, the ‘youth radio network’ of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Sunday Night Safran is hosted by the entertainingly outspoken John Safran, together with Father Bob Maguire, a retired Catholic priest from Melbourne – truly one of the great ‘odd couple’ on-air teams in the history of Australian radio! (See picture). So, what was I doing on Sunday Night Safran? Talking about comics, naturally! It was a pretty wide-ranging interview, as we bounced around from the latest Batman movie (The Dark Knight Rises) and the ‘golden age’ of Australian comics (roughly, 1945-1960), and then on to considering graphic novels as the new journalism, followed by comic-book censorship, and …well, I can’t actually remember everything, because we covered a lot of topics. (But I did manage to mention that my PhD thesis was on The Phantom, right at the very end of my segment). Don’t despair if missed the show, because you can download the podcast here.