Chitrakatha: Indian Comics Documentary

Firstly, my apologies for not updating this blog on a more regular basis, but I have been working solidly on my PhD thesis, and have been trying to produce more chapters on a regular basis. While my ambition has, more often than not, outstripped my ability in this regard, I am still aiming to complete at least one more chapter before the end of the year, and hopefully restore my writing momentum.

All of which has been keeping me from this blog. However, in the course of researching my present thesis chapter, I was looking for further information about an Indian comics artist, Govind Brahmania (who signed his work “B. Govind”), who painted the early Phantom covers for Indrajal Comics (India) during the early-to-mid 1960s (You can see a gallery of his vibrant Indrajal/Phantom comic-book cover designs here)

Anyway, during the course of my online research, I came across reference to a forthcoming documentary, Chitrakatha:Indian Comics Beyond Balloons and Panels, which is written, directed and produced by Indian comics illustrator (and die-hard fan and collector), Alok Sharma. And, to my delight, this documentary will feature an interview with the late Govind Brahmania (who died in 2007).

Putting my own research interests to one side, this promises to be a fascinating documentary, one that will bring the (largely untold) history of India’s comic-book industry through the words and recollections of the writers and artists who created many of the memorable characters and series that were once enjoyed by millions of Indian readers.

If you’d like to learn more about this project, you can join the Chitrakatha Facebook page for further updates, as well as view a 10-minute preview clip on YouTube.