Interview with Sveriges Radio – Fantomen/The Phantom

2641750_520_292Towards the end of December 2012, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Marcus Morey-Halldin, of Svergies Radio (Swedish Radio) about my PhD research project on The Phantom. Marcus was producing an on-air segment about why The Phantom (or Fantomen, as he’s known in Sweden) has become such a Swedish institution – but also looking at what the future holds for Fantomen, given the changing tastes and composition of Sweden’s comic-book audience, as well as the relevance of heroes like Fantomen in modern Swedish society. Ulf Granberg, the recently-retired editor of Fantomen magazine, was also interviewed for this segment. Naturally, most of the segment is conducted in Swedish, but for English-speaking listeners, you can hear my comments interspersed throughout the segment, which can downloaded here.