Hurry – Phantom Comic Online Survey to Close, 15 March 2013!

linksOne of the most gratifying aspects of this research project has been conducting the online survey of Phantom comic-book readers from Australia, India and Sweden. I’ve been enormously pleased with the number of responses I’ve received to date – approximately 580 completed surveys as I write this – especially as I was warned that postgraduate research surveys typically generate a low response rate. But I knew that I could count on  Phantom “phans” to prove the pessimists wrong!

And I’ve also been tremendously pleased with the time and effort people have taken in submitting detailed responses to my questionnaire – particularly from “phans” for whom English is their second language. Many of your responses have confirmed some of my own long-held beliefs about why the Phantom has been so popular in Australia, India and Sweden – but there have also been some surprising, and thought-provoking answers, too, which is always one of the unexpected dividends of postgraduate research.

But it’s been nearly a year since I first launched this blog and now I feel it’s an appropriate time to close down the online readers’ survey, to give myself sufficient time to download, compile and analyse the data I’ve collected. So, I’ve decided to shut down the online Phantom readers’ survey at 5.00pm (AEST), Friday, 15 March 2013.

However, I will continue to maintain and update this blog, along with its accompanying Facebook page, throughout the year – so don’t worry, this research project won’t vanish from the internet.

So, if you (or your friends) haven’t yet completed the Phantom online reader’s survey, then please do so by 5:00pm (AEST),15 March 2013. I’d be delighted if I could receive 600 completed surveys by then – it’s a nice, round figure, which will look impressive for my PhD thesis! (Image courtesy of Weird Science-Fantasy Web Pages)

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