Vale – Lindsay Walker, Phantom cover artist

b871ed_594903f4a6324e8789769408225e9505-mv2Lindsay C. Walker, an Australian artist who, in recent years worked on several Phantom comic-book projects, took her own life on 27 September, 2016. This sad news came just as her first-ever cover for the Australian edition of The Phantom comic book went on sale last month.

Walker, a transgender woman, first came to the attention of Phantom “phans” when she produced two covers for Moonstone Graphics‘ relaunched version of The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks comic book in 2009-2010. These early works are attributed to the name Mick Collins. She was subsequently commissioned by online retailer The Phantom’s Vault to illustrate the Australian variant cover for Hermes Press’ newest edition of The Phantom (Issue #3B).


Walker, who named herself after The Phantom’s alter ego, “Kit Walker”, was a popular artist among Australian “phans”, and produced several private and commissioned pieces depicting The Phantom.

Lindsay spoke frequently about her work, and her experience transitioning. You can download her interview with Joe Douglas from the first-ever ChroncicleChamber/X-Band podcast in 2013, along with her appearance on the Geek Girl podcast from 2014.You can also read a transcript of her interview for Monica Kowalska’s Heroines of My Life blog.

Fans of The Phantom who wish to make donations to Lindsay’s partner, Kim, and their three children, Ariel, Eloise and Evelyn, may do so here.

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