Web Links – The Phantom

51LoWm6pLwL._SY300_The following is an introductory list of Phantom websites, blogs and discussion/message boards from Australia, India and Sweden (Scandinavia), and other online resources which may be of interest to fans of The Phantom. While by no means intended to be an exhaustive list of online Phantom resources, I will periodically update this list to include new entries (Page updated 25/05/2015).

(Please note: No responsibility is taken for the accuracy or legality of any information or images contained on the following online resources; this list is compiled purely in the interests of academic research)

The Phantom – Australian Publisher Links

Frew Publications – Official Website

Frew Publications – Facebook Page

The Phantom – Australian Fan Sites

Chronicle Chamber

The Deep Woods

Enter The Phantom (Exhibition website, 2014)

The Phantom Cave of Phandom

The Phantom – Ghost Who Walks, Cannot Die

The Phantom – Indian Fan Sites

NOTE: Many Indian Phantom fan sites are also broadly dedicated to Indrajal Comics, the comic-book imprint launched by the Times of India newspaper in 1964, which featured The Phantom, along with other King Features Syndicate characters (e.g. Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon), as well as indigenous (Indian) comic-book characters

Hindi Indrajal Comics

Indrajal Comics Club

Indrajal Comics Countdown

Indrajal Online

The Phantom Trail

Reprint Indrajal Campaign

The Return of Indrajal Comics

The Skull Cave Treasures

The Phantom – North American (USA/Canada) Fan Sites

The Ghost Who Blogs (USA)

Weird Science Fantasy Web Pages – The Phantom (USA)

The Phantom – Swedish/Scandinavian Fan Sites

eFantomen (Sweden)

Fantomen.org (Sweden)

Fantomet.no (Norway)

Mustanaamio (Finland)

Scandinavian Chapter

The Phantom – General Discussion Boards

ChronicleChamber.com – Forums

The Phantom – General Information Resources

The Phantom Wiki – Scandinavian Chapter

The Phantom – Wikipedia Entry

The Phantom – Official Publishing Sites

DailyINK (King Features) – The Phantom (Current series/USA)

DailyINK (King Features) – The Phantom (Vintage series/USA)

Dynamite Entertainment – The Last Phantom (Comic book/USA)

Frew Publications – Phantom Comics (Australia)

Hermes Press – The Phantom reprint series (USA)

King Features – The Phantom (USA)

Moonstone Entertainment – The Phantom (USA)

The Phantom – Creative Personnel (Writers/Illustrators)

Terry Beatty (USA)

Seymour “Sy” Barry (USA)

Kari T. Leppänen (Finland)

Wilson McCoy (USA)

Ray Moore (Bandar Village Tribute to)

Paul Ryan (USA)

The Phantom – Film, TV & Videogame Links

Defenders of the Earth (Hearst Entertainment official site)

Defenders of the Earth (Wikipedia entry)

The Phantom (1996 – IMDB entry)

Phantom 2040 (Animated TV series)

Phantom 2040 (Sega game review)

Tom Tyler – Star of The Phantom (1943 Columbia serial)


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